One Holster. Two Ways to Wear.

About Crossfire Tactical Gear | Kydex Holsters

Crossfire Tactical Gear (Crossfire) started in 2012 by a gun enthusiast, CCW license holder and firearms instructor. Crossfire found that there was a limited availability of holsters that met the needs of other gun enthusiast. The issue in the holster market, led Crossfire to design a holster that could be used to train with and conceal carry on a daily basis. The Crossfire holster was developed as a versatile product that would eliminate the necessity for a range holster and concealment holster for one model handgun.

Holster Versatility…

The holsters have interchangeable clips, that allows the user to wear the holster inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB). Adjustment for cant enables you to wear the holster vertically or at a slight cant (within a 10 to 12 degree cant) for ease of draw. Adjustable retention allows you to set the desired amount of retention to capture your firearm within the holster.

Each holster is hand-molded…

The holsters are make and model specific for a perfect fit just for your model firearm. Made with 0.08″ Kydex® every holster is durable while providing the closest possible fit to the body. Unlike its leather counterpart, Kydex® maintains its shape over time, consistently providing ease of draw and the re-holstering of your handgun. All clips and belt loops allow for up to 1 ¾” belt to be worn with the holster.

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